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Positive Impact on a Political Scale

Helping with more voting power to elect officials who actually care about a woman’s well-being. All the while, having a primary focus on diversity. Bridging the gap between socio economics and political engagement to help pass certain laws. More people on the field to impact state legislature as well as nationally. Touching issues such as child care, abortion, and gender relations in regards to marriage. Bringing up the right to vote on prenatal care and birth control methods. Overall women’s rights when it comes to violence in the home structure. More protective and preventive structures in place to aid women in dire straits.

Positive Body Image

Being comfortable in your skin. Showing that diversity is beautiful. Not conforming to current beauty standards in popular media. Supporting others in their quest for being exactly who they choose to be no matter what community. Also, going to different events and conferences to help spread more awareness in gender equity. Promoting more self-care in the female gender. Taking the right steps to eating right, working out, and building a stronger system within. Helping to deal with issues such as anorexia, bulimia, and body shaming. The key is in not comparing the average women to the more fictitious body image shown in magazines. Rather embracing the person from inside and outside and keeping healthy habits to create a stronger individual. As a result, more women can positively impact teenagers as they deal with self-conscious issues growing up. This is to break the mold and help them develop into powerful and productive people in society.

Funding for Research to Tackle Women Issues

Taking initiative to raising funds for women-based charities. Setting up private events, conferences, and fundraisers to allow more of the community to get involved in the most pressing issues. More political buying power to persuade those in office to pass through certain laws to help the advancement of women. Also, to find technological solutions to provide more medical assistance towards women’s health. Choosing more women scientists to help create a more custom feel to everyday care products.

Come together to pool our resources and
level the playing field for women candidates!